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Event Calligraphy


I would like you to do my wedding/event calligraphy -- now what?

First of all, just let me say WAHOO! We're going to have a great time making your event a little more beautiful. To kick things off, please use this contact form, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What styles do you offer?

Because every event is different, I offer a variety of styles at a range of price points. You can take a look at my styles here. Have something else in mind? Lay it on me! I love trying new things, and would be happy to work with you on a custom style.

What kind of ink do you use?

I use three basic types: India ink, concentrated watercolor and archival ink. India ink is rich and beautiful, and the standard in calligraphy. It is especially wonderful for wedding invitations as it is completely waterproof - no need to worry that a downpour will ruin the lovely lettering! Concentrated watercolor is varied in tone and ridiculously gorgeous. It's great for illustrations and use on individual invitations and place cards. The archival ink I use is from Pigma Micron pens. This ink is waterproof and fade resistant, and is a great option for calligraphy on a budget.

How long do you need?

The answer to this question depends on a couple things: the style of calligraphy you choose, the ink color and type, and the number and type of items you'll be passing my way. That being said, I ask that you allow a minimum of two weeks for turnaround on event calligraphy with the recognition that some orders may require more time. After our initial conversation, I can give you a better idea of the timing you can expect.

I should have ordered these, like, yesterday. Do you take rush orders?

Absolutely! A 20% fee will be added to any orders that must be completed within 2 weeks of receipt of the items (envelopes, place cards, etc.). A 40% fee will be added to any orders that must be completed within a week. Please contact me directly at kim@manayunkcalligraphy.com if you have an order that needs to be rushed.

Do I supply the envelopes (place cards, etc.) or do you?

That's all you! Chances are, your invitation suite comes with corresponding envelopes, place cards, etc. -- using these envelopes ensures everything will look uniform. In cases where you would like the use of watercolor calligraphy, we can work together to pick out the best paper for the job, but it will still be your responsibility to purchase and deliver my way.

How do I get you my envelopes (place cards, etc.)?

If you are located in the Indianapolis area, I would encourage you to swing by Irvington. One, because it's a great place to shop, grab pizza at Jockomos and a drink at Black Acre, and two, because it's where my studio is located. If you are located outside this area, you can ship them directly to my studio. When they're all finished, I'll package them up with care, and send them back to you!

How do I pay? Do you require a deposit?

Once we have agreed upon how many items you need addressed/labeled, I will send you an invoice for the order. You can pay using a credit card via PayPal, or with a personal check. If you pay with a personal check, I will begin work as soon as the check clears.

Know you want to work with Manayunk Calligraphy, but don't have your envelopes or final list of addresses ready? No worries! To secure your spot on the calendar, I require a $100 deposit that will be put toward your final order. In case of cancellations, your deposit will be fully refunded only if it is within two weeks of your initial order. If it is cancelled outside this window, you will not receive a refund. The reason for this is that your reservation on the schedule means other couples must be turned away - if you cancel, that leaves an empty spot and a major bummer. 

Anything else I should know?

Why, yes! Here's the thing: ink, while wonderful and beautiful, is a fickle beast. It smudges and blotches, but hey, I love it anyway. And since no one wants a smudgy, blotchy invite, I ask that you send at least 20% more envelopes (place cards, etc.) than needed. That way, if ink misbehaves, I have some back-ups to ensure your order comes out perfect.



I like your illustration, but I want a couple (or all) of the words changed. Can you do that?

But of course, darling! Custom orders are always welcome and can be requested and purchased via my Etsy shop. These orders start at $40.

I don't want to change the illustration, but I do want to add something personalized underneath it. Can you do that?

Can do! Two lines of text (no more than 20 words) can be added for an additional $10. Simply select the Semi-Custom option at check-out.

I would love an illustration of my favorite restaurant/wedding venue/store front/pet/etc., but it's not a shape you offer. Do you take custom orders?

Why, yes! To get started, shoot me an email at kim@manayunkcalligraphy.com with your idea, and we'll work together to make something truly one-of-a-kind.

What's the deal with the prints? Are they high quality?

You bet! All prints are printed on 60lb/229gsm bright white matte acid-free paper with hi-definition fade resistant ink so you can enjoy them for years to come.

How are prints and original illustrations shipped?

All orders are shipped USPS Priority in a sturdy photo envelope along with .024 caliper chipboard for extra protection -- because nothing is worse than a bent print! 

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact me directly at kim@manayunkcalligraphy.com.