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Custom Wall Art

Looking for something custom, but not completely sure what? Contact us with your general ideas and we’ll help you come up with something completely unique and perfect for your space.  Did we mention that one of our co-owners is an HGTV designer?  We’ve got you covered with two options:

1)      Custom Digital Download: For this option, you’ll send us the size of your wall and the words you’d like to include. We’ll create a custom design just for you that you’ll be able to download and DIY.

2)      Live Painting:  For this option, Kim will work with industry-leading DIY Interior Designer Monica Mangin to create a custom design for your space. From there, Kim will hop in a plane, train or automobile to your home and paint it in her signature style. 

To get a quote for custom options, please use the contact form below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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