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Instagram: October Letter Challenges

One of the super cool things about our community is that we're always coming up with ways to inspire one another. One of my favorite things is Instagram challenges. If you've never participated in these, here's how it works. The challenge will give you a phrase or theme for every day of a certain time period. You script or letter something, post on Instagram with the hashtag and follow along with people all over the world! Even if you can't participate, the hashtags are ALWAYS worth a follow. Here are a few Instagram challenges happening this October.


This challenge is hosted by the incomparable Jenny Highsmith - if you don't follow her on Instagram, do it NOW. You won't be disappointed! You can find the list of prompts here.


While this one isn't specific to lettering, it is all about ink and creativity - and calligraphy has both those things in spades. This challenge is hosted by Jake Parker and has become an annual tradition for lots of artists. You can find the list of prompts here.


This challenge is hosted by Elle Letters, and is made up primarily of fall words and phrases - the results are sure to be beautiful! Find the list of prompts here.

Know of any other challenges? Let us know in the comments below!